Remarks by Congressman Elijah Cummings Kick Off 
MMMD Workforce Development Forum 
Medicaid Matters Maryland Affordable Care Act Workforce Development Forum 
Will Maryland's health care workforce be capable of serving the hundreds of thousands of newly insured  health care consumers generated by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act on Jan. 1, 2014?  A stellar lineup of workforce experts attempted to answer this critical question at the Medicaid Matters Maryland ACA Workforce Development Forum on April 23. 

While the presentations, prepared by representatives of state, local and community based entities, indicated that substantial workforce development activity was occurring in relation to the ACA's implementation, an answer to the central question of if there will be an adequate provider network remained elusive and the stumbling blocks considerable.

The forum was a first step in MMMD's ACA workforce development advocacy.  While the coalition's particular focus is on those who are and will receive Medicaid, an inadequate provider network would doom the considerable investment made by the state, public health professions, educational institutions and community organizations to create a "culture of care." In order to not gamble away this golden opportunity, MMMD will continue to develop advocacy efforts to get answers and solutions. 

MMMD is deeply grateful to Congressman Elijah Cummings for endorsing the need to determine provider adequacy, Deborah Phelps, director of the Baltimore County Foundation for "getting it" from the first moment, the Abell Foundation for funding the forum, the presenters, committed professionals all, and the attendees who brought their own questions.. 

As Cummings so eloquently said during his remarks that can be viewed below, with less than a year to go, Maryland needs answers. 
Congressman Elijah Cummings emphasizes the urgency of workforce development at the MMMD ACA Workforce Development Forum
MMMD is Grateful to 
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